SORP Projects

East Sussex Wetlands for Wildlife Project

This sustainable wetlands and land use project covers over 60 square km of East Sussex including the Brede Valley and Pett Levels.

In the first two years of the project:-

- Over 8,000 acres was of land was surveyed for water voles and wetland wildlife

- Farm Conservation Plans written for landowners in over half this area.

- Thousands of new species records were collected including a significant number of new water vole records which were used to help designate the largest SSSI for water voles in the UK.

- Educational Outreach visits were organised for over 200 children and a local leaflet was produced for the Brede Valley (Click Here to download leaflet).

The project will work closely with landowners to look at the wider potential to restrore wetlands, and to improve the management of water resources in the Brede Valley

Partners include EA, FWAG, SWT, Friends of Brede Valley, Romney Marsh Countryside Project, Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, landowners and SEW.

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Knepp river restoration - River Adur Restoration

This project will restore and renaturalise 2km of river on the middle reaches of the River Adur as part of a wider project to 're-wild' the 5,000 acre Knepp Estate.

Partners include Environment Agency, Natural England, SORP, SWT, River Restoration Centre, West Sussex County Council and English Heritage.

The Sussex Water shrew Search

Until recently little was known about the water shrew (Neomy fodiens) in the UK or Sussex. SORP has been working with Brighton University, The Mammal Society and the Mammals Trust UK to find out where this charismatic but elusive species lives, and whether it is rare or vulnerable in Sussex.

Click here or more information on water shrews

Floodplain Forests

In 2005 the Sussex floodplain forests concept study was published. From this document, the Sussex Floodplain Forests Group produced a vision and aims for floodplain woodlands in Sussex.

The potential benefits likely to arise from the restoration of woodlands to the floodplains of Sussex are numerous in principle. However, as yet, we don't know where our existing wet woodlands are, where they were in the past, or where we could put them in the future.

If you would like to plant a wet woodland, you have a wet woodland and would like advice on its management, or would be interested in having it surveyed then please contact the SORP officer.

Click here for more information on floodplain forests

Whole river otter habitat survey

Each year SORP co-ordinates the survey of an entire river catchment in Sussex to look for opportunities to improve habitat for otters. We now have full river surveys for all the main rivers in Sussex. Surveys have been carried out by Eco-dolphin. Each Survey looks for :-

River and wetland restoration

SORP helps landowners and organisations collate the information needed to see if rivers and wetland can be restored on their land. We work closely with the River Restoration Centre to design projects which provide benefits for both people and wildlife.

Arun Valley Wetlands and Water voles project

This project aims to build on the successes of other landscape projects (Pett - Wetlands for Wildlife and Chichester Coastal Plain - Sustainable Farmland Partnership) to ensure that fragile wetlands and populations of the rare water vole are protected and that land use is more sustainable for the future.

All SORP projects are funded by grants, voluntary donations and external contributions.

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