The project is a partnership between the Environment Agency , Sussex Wildlife Trust, and South East Water .

SORP and Water for Wildlife

SORP is a partner of the national Wildlife Trusts 'Water for Wildlife' (W4W) project - a unique partnership supporting wetland conservation across the UK and encouraging the sharing of best practice wetland management.

SORP and Sussex Wildlife Trust (SWT)

Sussex Wildlife Trust aims to conserve the landscape, wildlife and habitats, and to use its knowledge and expertise to help the people of Sussex to enjoy, understand and take action to this end.

SORP contributes significantly to the delivery of SWT's Vision and strategic directions.

SORP and Environment Agency (EA)

The Environment Agency is charged with delivering biodiversity gain and making the environment a better place to live. A clean and healthy environment, rich in wildlife, is one of the biggest contributors to a better quality of life and as such the Environment Agency promotes the conservation of water and wetlands through the work undertaken by SORP. This work is also linked to obligations under the following legislation:-

The Environment Act (1995), UK Biodiversity Action Plan (1992), Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act (2006), Water Framework Directive (2000), EC Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC amended by 97/62/EC), Groundwater Directive, Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981 as amended, Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act (1975) (1991)

SORP and Water Companies

The Water Industry Act (1991) places duties on Sussex water companies to manage their landholdings to maintain and enhance them for nature conservation interest. SORP works in partnership with local water companies to help them protect and enhance wetland wildlife on sites which are important for water resources. This helps the water companies to lessen the impacts of water abstraction and sewage treatment, by helping to enhance wider wetland networks and restore rivers.


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