Water Resources

Why is it that it rains so much in the UK but we still have droughts?

Where does all the water go and what can you do to help?

It has been estimated that around 30,000 houses willl be built in the South East every year for the next 25 years and we already have around 130,000 (2008) people living in Sussex. All these people use water in homes, in gardens and for businesses. If everyone used one litre of water less per day then we might be able to reduce the number of 'drought' events in Sussex when our water resources run low.

You may think that one person can't help or make a difference but you can. Some of the water issues we are trying to tackle are happening at a large scale but water conservation can begin at home.

If you want to do something to help our wetlands and endangered species then below are just a few ideas:-

1. Let us help you

If you have land in Sussex which you think might be able to be restored to wetlands then contact SORP for free advice

2. Create a wildlife pond in your garden -

For advice visit Ponds page

3. Conserve water

4. Become an otter or water vole spotter

Sussex is a big county and the more pairs of eyes we have out spotting for our rare wetland species, the better. If you have some spare time and would like to help with surveying then click here.

5. Put a hippo in your loo!!

Telephone 0800 0276152 or email here

6. Make some SUDS

If you are replacing your driveway or paving your garden, consider using some of the new surfacing materials which allow water to pass through them whilst cleaning it at the same time. These are called Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDs). They allow water to filter through into the ground, taking dirt and pollution with it.

7. Heat your water with the sun

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