Otters and Fisheries

Otter eat a varied diet including frogs and dragonflies and they range over a territory of up to 40 km of river. Occasionally they may find 'easy pickings' at local fisheries. Fish which are sluggish in the winter months maybe particularly vulnerable. The following links provide some practical advice on what to do if you think otters are predating your fishery.

Its not all bad . . .

There may be some advantages to having otters at your fishery

1. Cormorants will often avoid them
2. Otters out compete american mink. One otter may reduce you mink burden by over 50%
3. Otters are opportunistic feeders and will tend to take sick, injuried or weak fish which are easier to catch.
4. Otters are a flagship species. Their presence indicates that lakes and rivers are healthy enough to support a high diversity of wildlife, including fish.

otters and the law

Otters are a protected species. The Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) makes it illegal to kill, injure or knowingly disturb and otter or to damage or obstruct an otter holt.

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