SUSSEX wetland landscapes project (SwlP)

SWLP is a unique partnership, working towards the sustainable management of river landscapes, and the restoration of wetland habitats for both people and wildlife.

SWLP works with local people to help restore multi-functional wetlands and washlands , and to assist the recovery of endangered wetland species such as the otter , water vole and black poplar tree .

The partnership works to promote an integrated landscape-scale approach to the management of water resources, in a more naturally functioning landscape which utilises the services provided freely by natural wetland systems. These include sustainable flood defence, wildlife and natural resources, improved water quality & water supply, and access benefits.

This site provides free advice and information on a number of wetland issues and subjects. Water is an essential natural resource - Help us to help you understand, enhance and enjoy it!

SWLP is part of Water for Wildlife UK . Click to view the W4W National Wetland leaflet.


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